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Domain Name Introduction

    Under the current global economic environment, transnational, transcontinental, and cross-cultural labor and employment methods have become very common and have brought great challenges to the recruitment of talents. On a global scale, the role and importance of the Chinese community in the labor and human resources are also increasing. In 2017, the number of Chinese college graduates has reached 7.95 million. Finding corporate information on the Internet and sending resumes are also the most common methods of job hunting. How to find, attract talents, and promote employment will be a challenge for almost all businesses and institutions. Despite the existence of various recruitment websites, the information on these websites is more general, less clear, and insufficiently directional. For enterprises, how to send key information to specific target groups to attract the talents they need is an urgent problem. Using a “.招聘” domain name corresponding to its corporate brand name, customizing an exclusive, personalized recruitment page can help companies stand out and more accurately communicate the information they want to convey to potential employees.

    The goal of ".招聘" is to provide companies and institutions in the Chinese and global Chinese community with a dedicated domain name related to human resources and recruitment. We will work hard to make ". 招聘" become the preferred domain name for search and recruitment information for Chinese Internet users worldwide, as well as the most trustworthy and trustworthy domain name. We will formulate meticulous policy rules to guard against malicious acts such as cybersquatting and trademark infringement.

    Regardless of domain name practitioners or consumers, ".招聘" can bring innovation, differentiation and healthy competition to the domain name market. As a Chinese top-level domain name, ".招聘" is also in line with the current trend of domain name development. The 21st century is the era of the Internet. Domain names play a very important role as the basic resources of the Internet. Chinese domain names, like English domain names, are house numbers on the Internet. The advent of Chinese domain names based on multilingual technology is a major breakthrough in the world's Internet industry. It overcomes the language barriers of the Internet world, and enables the majority of Chinese netizens who do not speak the English language in the world to access the Internet through their own language. Experience the "network without borders." The popularization and application of Chinese domain names have reduced the threshold for Internet use and can promote the overall development of the Internet. Chinese domain names have not only changed the habits of Internet users in surfing the Internet, but also increased the penetration rate of the Internet. From the perspective of resource allocation, they have also eased the tension in demand and supply of domain name resources to some extent.

    As the world’s first Chinese top-level domain dedicated to human resources and recruitment, “.招聘” will bring a high degree of differentiation and recognition to the domain name market, and it is for all related legal companies in China and the global Chinese market. In the current environment of the Internet and mobile Internet, ".招聘" will bring more innovation opportunities to the majority of companies, individual businesses and recruitment information platform.