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".招聘" domain management agency

The “.招聘” domain name management organization is the organization for the “.招聘” domain name registration rules and management rules, is responsible for the technical maintenance of the “.招聘” top-level domain name, and ensures the normal and healthy operation of the “.招聘” domain name.

Our team is composed of professional technicians, brand protection experts, and internet service experts, following ICANN's rules for gTLDs.

The “.招聘” domain name management organization has a leading network technology infrastructure, provides users with controlled, stable, and secure Internet services through a strong technical force and server distribution, and ensures that the “.招聘” domain name is functioning on the Internet. We provide 7x24 hours of customer service in order to be able to solve user problems most efficiently.

".招聘" domain name management agency has engaged in intellectual property services for many years, including the online protection of intellectual property rights, the practice of rights protection services, has years of brand protection, brand Internet protection and promotion experience, and developed a sound ".招聘" domain name for us. The registration management rules provide a wealth of guidance. In order to fully protect the rights of the brand owners, we have also worked with the ICANN-certified Asian Dispute Resolution Center, a group of experts with many years of experience in the Internet industry, and experience in the intellectual property industry to work out the relevant management rules for ".招聘" to ensure that ". The restaurant "domain management agency operates a "restaurant" domain name with a fair, public and fair service attitude.

The “.招聘” domain name management agency is currently headquartered in Hong Kong and plans to open several offices around the world.

Our mission

We are committed to enabling owners of branded trademarks worldwide to have a green and trustable online brand identity in the Internet era to enhance the value and influence of global brands.

Our vision

Regardless of which country is in which country, which nation it belongs to, which language it uses, what kind of beliefs it holds, global trademark brand owners can use the same “.招聘” as a brand identity on the same Internet.

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